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Frequently Asked Questions 

> Does SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles charge a franchise fee?

   All of the prospective dealers sign a Dealer Agreement to become an authorized dealer for SSR Motorsports /
   Benelli Motorcycles products. SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles dealerships are independently owned
   and operated.

> How many SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles Product Lines will I be expected to carry?

   Every dealership is required to represent SSR Motorsports full line of Motorcycles / UTV’s and Benelli
   Motorcycles full line of Motorcycles / Scooters.

> I am an electric bicycle dealer. Am I required to carry SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles full line
   of motorcycles / UTV’s?

   No. An electric bicycle dealer is not required to carry SSR motorcycles / UTV’s or Benelli motorcycles.
   Application is required for approval if an electric bicycle dealer decides to carry motorcycles.

> Can I sell other brands besides SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles?

   Dealers are not required to be an exclusive SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles dealer.

> Is there a minimum facility size required?

   Minimum 5,000 square feet is required for SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles operations. For every
   additional manufacturer product sold at dealership, facility size requirements increase by 3,000 square feet.

> Can I sell online only?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles requires that dealers to have brick and mortar location with daily
   operating hours and with staffs that includes a certified mechanic that can provide professional service and
   technical support. Application for dealers who wish to sell SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles products
   only online will be not accepted.

> Is there an initial minimum order buy-in required?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles New Dealer Purchase Requirements is applied to all new prospective
   dealers. Please complete the online dealer application request form and our sales department will contact
   you with more information.

> Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

   Dealers are required to stock an adequate inventory to meet the customer demand in their Relative Market
   Area (RMA).

> Do you offer a flooring program?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles offers flooring programs through Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution
   Finance (CDF) and Northpoint Commercial Finance to our dealers to simplify the buying process and assist
   them with stocking vehicles and managing inventory to boost sales. Please click the link on the left side for

> How fast do orders ship?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles strives to provide timely and affordable shipping solutions for our
   dealers. Orders are usually shipped from the SSR Motorsports/ Benelli Motorcycles distribution center within
   2 - 3 working days after payment or approval received.

> What type of license is required?

   A prospective dealer must provide proof of possessing a 1) Resale License and a current 2) Dealer License
   issued by the state in which said dealer conducts business, except if the state where said dealer conducts
   business does not require a Dealer License for the sale of scooters and / or off-highway vehicles. Please
   contact your state, city, and DMV for more information on obtaining the necessary licenses.

> What is the radius of a protected territory?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles will grant an RMA to a dealer concurrent with the dealer’s state law
   from the dealer’s primary, fixed place of business.

> Why should I carry SSR Motorsports Products?

   The stellar reputation of SSR Motorsports has been built on a finely honed foundation of well-engineered
   product, affordable prices, exceptional customer service and comprehensive dealer support. SSR Motorsports
   is the fastest growing distributor, and we want your dealership to grow with us!

> Why should I carry Benelli Motorcycles Products?

   Founded in 1911, Benelli started its legend from the Benelli brothers’ garage in Italy. In its long history, this
   brand is known for its elegance, uniqueness, and passion. When the new century came, the Chinese
   motorcycle giant Q.J. Group acquired Benelli. Standard production was introduced to this traditional Italian
   motorcycle manufacturer while its exquisite design was kept. The excellent fit and aesthetically finished
   artwork is now back to the US with the most reliable service and sustainable parts support. For more details,
   please go to
Benelli Motorcycles USA.

> Are SSR / Benelli Products listed in the Kelley Blue Book / Nada Guides?

   SSR / Benelli vehicles are listed in the Kelley Blue Book from the 2013 model year on and in the Nada Guides
   from the 2014 model year on.

> Do you offer a factory warranty?

   SSR Motorsports offers a factory warranty on all vehicles. Please click warranty for full details.

> Does SSR Motorsports/ Benelli Motorcycles exhibit at any trade shows?

   SSR Motorsports displays at the Interbike Show, Sand Sports Super Show and American International
   Motorcycle Expo
as well as various events throughout the year to help increase brand awareness. Benelli
   Motorcycles exhibits at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Florida, EICMA Motorcycle Show in
   Italy, and the major motorcycle shows among different countries such as Australia, UK, China, and India, etc.



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