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> Why are the performance features such as top speed, or mpg on my SSR / Benelli vehicle different from the numbers on
   your website?

   SSR Motorsports / Benelli Motorcycles performance features are intended for comparison only. Independent test results may
   vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road condition, tire pressure, installation of
   accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.

> How can I find specifications for my SSR Motorsports / Benelli vehicles?

   Please visit SSR's or Benelli's website, select the model that you are interested in, and scroll down for the specifications. You
   may also download our product brochures here.

> How can I compare different models?

   Please visit the model page, scroll down, and select the VS *** under the section: COMPARE RELATED MODELS on the left
   side. Comparisons for Manual, Semi-Auto, and Auto models may not be available due to the similarity of the vehicles. To
   compare scooters, please go to scooters.

> I have an old SSR model but it is not listed on your website; where can I find specifications for it?

   Discontinued SSR Motorsports models are listed on our Legacy Models page.

> Where can I get an owner’s manual?

   SSR Motorsports provides owner's manuals here (including wiring diagrams for some models).

> How do I determine what model my SSR Motorsports vehicle is?

   Most of the street motorcycles or ATVs / UTVs can be identified by their body shape. To determine the model of a pit bike, refer
   to your title under the Series or Model section. If you do not have the title, please contact us with the VIN# and engine

> How can I find the VIN#, Engine#, and Engine Displacement on my pit bike?

   Please click VIN.pdf for more details.

> Is there a minimum age requirement to ride a pit bike?

   It depends on the regulations or laws in your state. You may need to contact them for details.

> Is there a maximum weight limit for riding the pit bikes?



50 lbs

- SX50 and SX50-A

70 lbs

- SR70 and SR70AUTO

80 lbs

- SR70C

130 lbs

- The full line of 110cc pit bikes except SR110TR

140 lbs

- SR110TR, and the full line of 125cc pit bike except SR125TR

200 lbs

- SR125TR, 140cc, 150cc, 160cc, and 170cc pit bikes

> Is there a maximum weight limit for riding the dirt bikes?

   Dirt bikes are for off-road racing only. SSR Motorsports normally does not publish maximum weight limit. SSR motorsports dirt
   bikes are designed for regular size riders. They may not work well for extremely large or extremely small people. You may want
   to check with your local dealer or various motorcycle forums or social media for other riders’ experience or recommendations.

> I want to make custom graphics; what type of plastics is my pit bike based on?

   You may contact us and request a digital template of the decals.

> Why is the SR110TR more expensive than the SR125TR on your website?

   You can compare the two different models at SR110TR VS SR125TR. Compared with the SR125TR, the SR110TR comes with
   ADJUSTABLE front forks.

> How to reset the display on my Trail Viper / Sand Viper electric bicycle?

   Please click VIDEO for the instruction video.

> I read a review about a new Benelli model launched in Italy; will that model be available soon in the United States?

   The availability of a Benelli model varies from country to country. You can follow us on facebook for the latest news about
   Benelli Motorcycles USA.

> I bought a Benelli motorcycle / scooter while living in another country; can I bring it back to one of your Benelli
   dealers in the United States for parts and service?

   Your Benelli motorcycle / scooter is probably different than the US version and therefore the parts for a US model may not work
   for your motorcycle / scooter. Benelli Motorcycles USA will not honor the warranty for products bought outside the United

> Can I buy directly from SSR Motorsports?

   No, SSR Motorsports is a manufacturer and distributor of SSR / Benelli vehicles. You will need to buy from an authorized dealer.
   Our Dealer Locator may direct you to a local dealer.

> Can I check inventory with SSR Motorsports?

   No, SSR Motorsports does not open the inventory system to the public. You will need to contact a dealer for details.

> Will the MSRP be the final price that I am going to pay?

   The Manufaturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the price which SSR Motorsports recommends that authorized dealers sell
   the vehicles. It does not include destination charge, set up, tax, title, license or any other dealer fees. Dealers may set their own
   price at, above, or below the MSRP. You will need to contact a dealer for the final price.

> What is a Destination Charge?

   A Destination Charge is a cost to deliver a vehicle from SSR’s warehouse to the dealership, and it is not included in the MSRP.

> Are SSR Motorsports products available in countries outside the United States?

   Currently, SSR Motorsports products are only officially available in the United States.

> I am not in the United States; can you ship your product to my country?

   No, we neither sell to the public nor ship our product to countries other than the United States. You may contact an authorized
   US dealer for assistance with export.

> Are SSR / Benelli Products listed in the Kelley Blue Book / Nada Guides?

   SSR / Benelli vehicles are listed in the Kelley Blue Book from the 2013 model year on and in the Nada Guides from the 2014
   model year on.

> Do you carry after-market parts?

   SSR Motorsports does not normally carry after-market parts or accessories other than the OEM parts for SSR / Benelli vehicles.
   However we do have some cooperations with a few third-party companies on developing performance parts or accessories,
   which can be purchased at our Online Store. These parts and accessories have been carefully selected to ensure compatibility.

> Do you provide vehicle financing?

   SSR Motorsports offers our buyers the financial services in cooperation with Dealer Direct, Roadrunner Financial, and NeXtep
   Funding. You can also check out our current offers on SSR / Benelli models.

> Which SSR Motorsports vehicles are street legal?

   The full lines of SSR Motorsports Street Motorcycles, Scooters, Dual Sport/ Enduro, Moped/ Lazer5, and iTank are street legal.

> I want to make my pit / dirt bike street legal; can you help?

   SSR Motorsports off-road motorcycles are designed for off-road competition use only and cannot be converted to street legal

> Are the off-road motorcycles green or red sticker certified in California?

   SSR Motorsports off-road motorcycles are red sticker certified in California. Please go to California DMV for full details. To find
   out when you can operate your vehicle, call the specific riding area you want to visit or view the information at
   Red Sticker Open Riding Schedule.

> Which vehicles are CARB approved for sale?

   The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the “clean air agency” in California. Currently, most of the SSR Motorsports
   vehicles are CARB approved. Authorized SSR dealers will inform you if the vehicle is CARB approved when you place an order.

> How can I get customer support?

   SSR Motorsports recommends that you contact your purchasing dealer for any questions or assistance. They are in the best
   position to support you. You can also contact us if necessary.

> I have a bike from another manufacturer. Can I order parts from SSR Motorsports?

   Parts can only be purchased through an authorized dealer. We cannot guarantee that our parts will work properly on anything
   but an SSR / Benelli vehicle.

> I have a really old Benelli bike and try to restore it. Do you have parts?

   SSR Motorsports becomes a Benelli distributor since 2014 and therefore has little records about the Benelli models sold in the
   past. It is the best for you to contact Benelli Italy directly for parts inquiry and technical support.

> I want to customize my bike. Do you have any suggestions?

   SSR does not endorse nor recommend do-it-yourself modifications. SSR does not recommend installation of third-party parts
   other than those that have been verified to be compatible with SSR products.

> Do you have a service manual or parts diagram for my SSR bike?

   Currently, service manuals and parts diagrams are not available to the public for view or download. Please contact a dealer for

> What is the maintenance schedule of an SSR vehicle?

   Please read your owner’s manual and follow the schedule inside to maintain your vehicle.

> What kind and how much oil should I use?

   SSR Motorsports recommends that you put SAE 10W40 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (SH/ SL/ SM) in your SSR
   Motorsports pit bikes. You will need to measure the oil level with the dipstick. For the other models, refer to your owner's

> What kind of gas should be used?

   Please use 91 octane or above for your SSR Motorsports / Benelli vehicles.

> How can I tell if the fuel valve is On or Off?

   Please click Fuel Valve Operation Diagram to see details.

> I submitted my question through your website a while ago but still did not hear anything back.

   Your feedback is important to SSR Motorsports. Each question will be normally answered by a customer service specialist
   within 2 business days. If you do not hear anything back from SSR for more than 3 days, please check the spam folder of your
   email. You may also want to double check your contact information and resubmit your request to SSR. Contact us through our
   facebook page is another great way to get hold of SSR Motorsports.

> What is the factory warranty on my vehicle?

   SSR Motorsports provides a limited warranty for each SSR / Benelli vehicle that it distributes to, and purchased from, an
   authorized SSR Motorsports dealer. For more details please go to warranty.

> When will my warranty period begin?

   All warranty periods begin on the date that the vehicle is first delivered to you, or placed into dealer service, such as in the case
   of a dealer demonstrator.

> Is my factory warranty transferable?

   The warranty is assigned to the vehicle. It begins when the vehicle is first sold (or put into use as a demonstrator) and ends
   when the warranty period expire. As such, when the vehicle is sold to a subsequent owner, any remaining warranty continues.
   However, the vehicle’s ownership records at SSR Motorsports must be updated by an SSR dealer.

> Can I extend my warranty period?

   An extended protection is normally offered by the dealership and you may contact your dealer for details.

> What is not covered by the factory warranty?

   Please go to warranty for details.

> How do I start a warranty claim?

   Please contact your dealer to start a warranty claim.

> Can I submit my warranty claim directly to SSR Motorsports?

   No, all warranty claims and warranty repairs must be submitted through an authorized SSR dealer. 

> I purchased a demonstration vehicle; what is my warranty period?

   A demonstration vehicle will have a warranty period different than that of a new vehicle. The selling dealer will inform you of the
   applicable warranty period for your vehicle.

> Can I bring my SSR / Benelli vehicle to any authorized dealers for a warranty claim?

   Not all SSR dealers are capable of carrying the Benelli vehicles or some certain SSR line-ups. Please make sure the dealer that
   you are going to contact carries the model you have before you bring your vehicle in. If they do, you may ask for warranty

> Do you offer a sponsorship program?

   SSR Motorsports is dedicated to supporting amateur and pro racers alike and has implemented the Team S. S. R. program to
   help the racing community and racers of all levels achieve success.

> I am having problems with my SSR Motorsports / Benelli product. What should I do?

   Please contact your dealer for repair or warranty assistance. They are in the best position to inspect and diagnose your SSR
   Motorsports / Benelli product.

> I purchased my SSR Motorsports / Benelli vehicle a couple of months ago from an authorized SSR / Benelli dealer but
   have not received my registration.

   Please contact your purchasing dealer for registration assistance. SSR Motorsports is not responsible for vehicle registration.

> I bought a brand new SSR Motorsports vehicle from an online website. Does that mean I bought it directly from SSR

   No, you cannot buy any vehicles directly from SSR Motorsports. The website from which you ordered the vehicle is an
   authorized SSR online dealer. You need to go to their website and contact them for any assistance and support. If you do not
   remember the website, you can also find the dealer’s name on your bill of sale or in your payment history.

> I ordered a new vehicle with my authorized online dealer. When will it arrive? What if I want to pick it up at the
   trucking company’s terminal, who should I talk to?

   You need to contact your purchasing dealer for any assistance regarding the shipping service of the vehicles, such as
   requesting a tracking number, estimated delivery date, liftgate service, expedited service, reconsignment service, redelivery
   service, return, will call, etc. SSR Motorsports will not honor any action without dealer’s authorization.

> My vehicle was damaged in transit, what should I do and who should I talk to?

   If you receive a damaged shipment upon delivery, refuse the shipment, note the damage on the Proof of Delivery and / or Bill of
   Lading, and immediately contact the dealer where you purchased it from.

> My Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) is lost. How can I obtain another copy?

   Duplicate MSO requests can ONLY be made through the original purchasing dealer. SSR Motorsports is not responsible for this

> I have a service related concern with my SSR dealer. What should I do?

   SSR Motorsports recommends discussing your concerns directly with the service manager of the dealer. They are in the best
   position to assist you. If you are still not satisfied please contact us and our service department will work with the dealer to
   assist your concern.

> How can I find a dealer in my area?

   Your nearest authorized dealer can be found by using the Dealer Locator.

> How come the nearest dealer is a bicycle shop?

   Electric bicycle is an important part of SSR’s product line-ups. A dealer that carries bicycles only is not required to be a
   motorcycle dealer.

> I do not see a dealer within 100 miles to me; what can I do?

   You may contact us with your zip code and we will look it up for you again.

> Can I bring my Benelli vehicle to any authorized SSR dealers for service?

   Not all SSR dealers are capable of carrying the Benelli vehicles. You will have to contact an exclusive Benelli dealer or an SSR
   dealer that carries the Benelli products for support and service.

> How do I become an SSR dealer?

   Please visit Become A Dealer and fill out the application online. Our sales department will contact you with the information
   based on the details you have provided. If you have any questions about becoming an SSR dealer, please click the FAQs.





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