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On-The-Spot Retail Financing

Provided by Dealer Direct, SSR Motorsports is offering this on-the-spot finnancing program to our buyers. Dealer Direct is a part of First Community Bank Batesville, Arkansas. They will finance SSR and Benelli street motorcycles and off-road units on a standard rate program with rates as low as 2.99%. This opportunity makes the latest SSR and Benelli models affordable for everyone in your family...

Enjoy your new SSR / Benelli products now by clicking Get Started.

How it works

1. Click the link above and choose Batesville under Arkansas Branches;
2. Complete an application
3. Once approved, bring your financing term to a participating dealer and make your purchase.

Or you may just bypass those steps and contact a dealer directly.


Quick Funding! Low Credit Welcome!

As a partnership with Roadrunner Financial, SSR Motorsports is offering our buyers another chance to get their declined credit approved. Roadrunner Financial is a modern retail lender for customers with less than perfect credit. They offer financing program for SSR Motorsports and Benelli motorcycles and scooters.

Instant decisions, no fees, and paperless contracts. Everything you need to close the deal while it’s hot.

Get Started with Roadrunner Financial now and receive an instant financing deal!

How it works

1. Click the link above and complete an application;
2. Once approved, bring your financing term to a participating dealer and make your purchase.

Or you may just bypass those steps and contact a dealer directly.


No Credit? No Problem!

In cooperation with NeXtep Funding, SSR Motorsports is offering our buyers this unique lease-to-own program to fit any budget. It lets you determine the time and amount of your monthly payments with the flexibility to get what you want, when you want it. This opportunity allows you to be in control of your spending, and is a great way to be able to afford bikes for the whole family...

NeXtep approves customers with good credit, troubled credit and no credit at all. This program is not applicable to SSR / Benelli Street Motorcycles.

Simply click the Get Started button, and find out how easy it is to get your family riding right away!

How it works

> Are these financial services provided by SSR Motorsports?

   No. These financial services are provided by Dealer Direct through First Community Bank Batesville, Arkansas, Roadrunner Financial, and NeXtep Funding. They
   are individual finance companies.

> Which financing program should I choose for my purchase?

   - Dealer Direct is available for customers with FICO scores of 650+, and their offers are applicable to SSR / Benelli street motorcycles and off-road units.
   - Roadrunner Financial is available for customers with FICO scores of 600+, and their offers are applicable to SSR / Benelli motorcycles and scooters.
   - NeXtep Funding is a Lease-To-Own program, and their offers are applicable to SSR off-road units and scooters.
   Contact them directly for detailed information.

> I have a few questions about your financial services, such as the credit limit that I will be approved for, the interest rate, the lease period, information that
   will be required on the application, etc.

   Each company's website has a thorough FAQ section answering all these questions and more. Contact them directly for the most up to date information.

> Will my personal information be safe?

   Your privacy is exceptionally important to us. All personal information will be submitted securely to Dealer Direct, Roadrunner Financial, or NeXtep Funding. Please
   contact them for privacy details.

> How will I find out which dealership I get referred to from NeXtep Funding?

   Once you have been approved for financing, NeXtep Funding / SSR Motorsports will contact you with an authorized SSR Motorsports dealership’s information
   depending on which dealer happens to be closest to your location.

> What if I do not want to purchase from the dealer that NeXtep Funding provided, can I go through another one?

   Yes. You may discuss this with NeXtep Funding / SSR Motorsports and purchase through another dealer in your area if there is more than one dealer within 100
   miles of you. You can check our online locator.

> What if there is no dealer around me?

   Please let your favorite local dealer know you’d love to purchase SSR Motorsports products from them. SSR Motorsports is establishing new dealers daily and
   hopefully your area will be covered soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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