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**This form is to be completed by an SSR dealer. IMPORTANT - before completing this form, please ensure you have read fully the SSR Motorsports Factory Limited Warranty Guide. Instruction for the Dealer: Please use this form to inspect all SSR products before the customer takes delivery. This form is for tracking potential quality control of safety related problems. This form is NOT used to gather customer information for any other purpose. Also your state law and federal law (49CRF part 573) may require this form as well. Failure to fill out this form may result in loss of warranty for your customer. This form is to be filled out within 14 Calendar days after delivery to your customer. Note to Dealer: For product sold in store, Dealership must fill out this form.



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* MSRP does not include destination charge, set up, tax, title, license or any other dealer fees. Specifications and pricing are subject to change.

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